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FAQ About Us in Lockport and Wilson, NY

Does the office offer payment plans?

Yes the office offers payment plans. Our main payment plan is though care credit. We offer up to 24 months interest free.

How long does invisalign last?

 An alternative to brackets and wires in the traditional orthodontic treatment. It is still a form of braces therefor how long does it last? The teeth will stay straight so long as the patient sis faithful wearing the retainer. Therefore retainers are very important at the end of treatment, just like traditional braces. Again it will last a life time if the patient is faithful wearing the retainers. Most treatments are completed within a year with very minimum required appointments. It is very feasible for busy patients and working moms with kids.

How long does invisalign treatment take?

Most cases are nine months to a year. Rarely cases are treated longer than that.

What do you do if you have an emergency after hours?

We always offer same day emergency treatment. If a patient calls us we always do our best to bring them in the same day. We always offer and have emergency time available for same day emergency. We do offer late hours we do offer Saturday hours. 99 percent of the time we offer the patient to come in, and we accommodate them on the same day as the emergency. After hours all our numbers go to the answering machine. Patients can reach us through our website. We try to answer them. If they need a script we call the script for them. Usually we will see them first thing the following day.

Does whitening hurt?

Whitening does not hurt however it is patient dependent. So every patient has a different level of sensitivity when it comes to their teeth. However with every whitening treatment regardless of what kind there is sensitivity to be expected. It is a temporary sensitivity, it is not something that is hurting the teeth, and it is not something that will last long. Usually we will recommend patients to use sensitivity products like sensodyne, usually we will offer patients sensitivity gel they apply on the teeth. But the sensitivity is only temporary. Whitening does not hurt if it is done properly under surveillance, under guidance of the professional. There is some sensitivity to be expected, it is minimum, and some patients’ don’t even have sensitivity. However we do guide them to use some sort of sensitivity products.

How often do you recommend you see adults?

On average we recommend to see adults every six months, twice a year. However that is an individual with healthy gums and a healthy mouth. There are a lot of situations where we will see patients every four months or three months based on their need and periodontal condition of their health of the gums and bones. Young adults or children with brackets and wires and braces we recommend to see them around every four months to maintain good hygiene though their treatment.

What is the recommended age for a young patient or child to come in for their first visit?

Traditional cleaning for a child we recommend seeing them around the age of two and a half. At an age where they can sit in the chair and be cooperative however, if there is any concern before that we advise you to bring them for an examination. We strongly recommend parents to bring their very young children with them to the parents appointment so that the child can see and observe the parents getting a cleaning there fro they will realize it is a friendly visit. When they are ready for their own appointment they are familiar and aware of what the process entails. We will check their baby teeth and their primary teeth. No x-rays are taken it is not necessary, no fluoride is used until the age of six that is when the adult teeth will start to come though.

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